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Our team in Dublin, Ireland is changing the way the international healthcare industry does tech.
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Creating Next-Gen Healthcare Tech

Sagax Technologies is a boutique software development house dedicated to researching fresh viewpoints and stretching current thought to arrive at something innovative. We are skilled at designing database architecture and developing software solutions that meet and exceed the exacting standards of our clients in the health care sector. Our expertise extends to ensuring our final products meet the security and privacy standards of this highly regulated industry.

At Sagax, we create software solutions that make the administration of health care services easier. We help clients maintain large networks of health care professionals through state of the art methods of tracking and enhancing interactions between patients and providers. The Sagax development process utilizes Scrum for planning and for keeping us sprinting toward the delivery of our goals. We emphasize best practices such as test-driven development to produce high quality output. Our experienced team members are well versed in a mixture of technologies. We take an API-led approach in conjunction with modern, flexible javascript frameworks to create powerful healthcare applications with beautiful user interfaces. We process large volumes of data efficiently to instantly deliver the insights our clients need to get ahead.

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User Interaction

We partner with our clients to define the next generation of health care technology products. We focus on user-centered design and prioritize user needs throughout the planning process to create effective and engaging solutions. Simplicity and function inspire us; daily creativity and innovation drive us forward.

Our working philosophy results in final products designed around what people need, period. We understand that people come first, and we are dedicated to putting technology to work to improve the delivery of health care.

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Data Management

With years of experience managing large volumes of data, we know what works and what doesn’t. Sagax clients demand the highest performance at enormous scale. Our innovative approach to database technologies and data management resolve these seemingly opposing requirements.

Advancements in data management today have made future inventions and innovation a possibility as never before. We are currently creating advanced data analytics and machine learning products that have only recently, become realistic options.

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Software Development

As quoted at one of our regular SAFe planning meetings – our philosophy is to “build the right thing and build the thing right.” Sagax developers understand and respect the uniqueness of each project. We are an international team, so constant, transparent communication is a must. It is key to getting things done.

The ever-evolving health care industry is experiencing an explosion of technological developments at present. In such a fast-paced environment, agility and adaptability are vitally important to our products and our people.

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Infrastructure Solutions

In addition to software development, Sagax offers Cloud services to support the ever-expanding technology needs of the health care sector. Our Network Operations Center manages hardware and network resources using OpenStack.

The Network Operations Center ensures our clients’ infrastructure needs are supported by 24x7x365 monitoring of performance and availability of all systems. Our team’s meticulous attention to detail and rapid response times provide an unparalleled level of support to avoid impact on service performance.

Our success is thanks to our software craftsmen & craftswomen - a motivated and dedicated team of skilled developers. The Sagax team analyses diligently, invents with autonomy and solves creatively. We take great pride in how our work elevates our craft.

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Got Skills?

We're hiring the best of the best.

Our formula for success is simple: We hire the best people, period. We take time to handpick our team members to ensure maximum levels of collaboration and creation. Sagax people are high performers. They are curious. They are responsive. They are courageous. They are professional. They are experts at what they do. Do these attributes describe you? We want you.

As an agile, web development employer, we are looking for skilled Software Engineers, DevOps Engineers, Data Scientists, UI designers and Test Automation Engineers.

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